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MC, Speaker & Trainer

Watch as Nicky, winner of the 2019 canfitpro Female PRO TRAINER Trainer of the Year award, shares her insights on the personal training industry and how it could be right for you.


Nicky’s energy and passion for connection make her the perfect MC to keep your audience engaged and present throughout your event.


Creating connection from the stage Nicky is then able to relate to and inspire your audience.


Perseverance and dedication are the keys to success. As an award winning fitness professional and entrepreneur Nicky is walking proof that hard work and kindness will always win.

Speaking Topics

  • What’s Holding You Back?
  • My mind says ‘yes’ but my willpower says ‘hell no’
  • Who am I when my children don’t need me anymore?
  • Change the blueprint for your life and find happiness?
  • Getting fit to be a grandparent
  • How to feel better and get fitter at home?
  • Why is my inner child still crying?
  • Starting life in a new country
  • Happiness is a choice

About Nicky

For things to change, you have to change!

Nicky grew up in Surrey in the South of England before moving to Toronto with her family in 2008. Before leaping over the pond, she had built a part-time career as the aerobics coordinator of a fitness facility as well as being one of the first franchise owners of ‘Pushy Mothers,’ a buggy workout for new mum’s in the UK.

Moving to Canada was going to be a two-year adventure, but in fact turned out to be a life-changing decision.  Her passion for helping others through health, wellness, fitness and personal development lead her to the Canadian fitness industry and once her family were settled she began her journey to award winning trainer. A chance meeting and a single act of kindness changed her life forever.  Now she’s a bada$$ in the industry!

Don’t let your past shape your future

Diagnosed with severe post-natal depression after her third child, Nicky began her journey of self discovery. As she began to understand mental illness she realized that depression and fear had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember. She began to make small changes and adopt a new way of thinking, a positive way of thinking, that began to redefine who she was. As she describes it ‘she set out to find a way to keep herself ‘happy.’

Exercise always made her feel better. She’d been attending fitness classes for years! But on this new journey of self-discovery, Nicky found the ‘joy’ of exercise. The positive effects this had on her mental state kept her in a happy place. It wasn’t easy since she’d been asthmatic all her life, smoked for many years and partied hard through the 80s!!!  And yet, the desire to change her
life and the lives of her children was enough to drive her to find a way.

As any parent knows, it is difficult to take time away from family to work, attend trainings and courses etc. As Nicky worked towards her goals and dreams she found that she was being judged for not being a ‘good mother’ or was it that her mind was playing tricks on her with feelings of ‘not being enough’ because she was trying to balance a career, keep house and raise four amazing children. A growth mindset, gratitude and finding joy helped her stay on track mentally and eventually lead to her to be able to make the decision to leave the safety of her home, where generations of her family have, and still live, for adventure in a new country.

The Future of Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

And this too shall pass

Fast forward to today and Nicky is a renowned public speaker! She’s spoken at events throughout Canada, US, Europe and UAE—not just about health and fitness—but also on personal development, goal setting and feelings of worthlessness. These are subjects close to her heart since physical improvement cannot happen if we’re mentally broken, and her personal journey has helped so many.

Nicky is a contributing author on training materials used by the fitness industry, is an online presenter for canfitpro, and regularly speaks/MCs at conferences around Canada, including being the MC at the 2019 canfitpro Closing Ceremonies.

As a highly-sought educational and motivational speaker, Nicky has delivered presentations for various organizations including the Osteoporosis Society and Bone Health Forum, Canadian Traveler and various school boards.

Nicky is the proud, healthy and yes—HAPPY—mother of four children, devoted nanny to three grandsons, and currently resides in Uxbridge, Ontario.


Want to inspire your audience? You’re one step away! Contact Nicky.

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